Narration E-Learning, Documentary, Children's
Anessia's Quest

by Karen Arnpriester

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Reality Alternatives

by Lesley L. Smith

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Detective 1st Person Audiobook
YA Fiction Audiobook

Smooth • Natural • Warm • Approachable 

Corporate Narration?  High-tech or Medical voice over?  E-Learning, Audio books, Tutorials or IVR?  Radio or TV Commercials?

Susan Iannucci has the voice for your project.  She can be professional and authoritative, sincere and caring, light and positive.  If your project calls for an air of youthfulness, playfulness or sensuality, Susan can enhance your story.  And with Susan, you can always count on an intelligent read.

Susan is a highly-trained and accomplished voice actress, with a strong work ethic.  She is continuously honing her skills and knowledge of your industry – always bringing a fresh dynamic to your words.  Additionally, Susan takes direction well, whether in the studio of your choice, or collaborating with you in her professional audio studio.  Listen to her examples on the left, and request a free audition with your script.

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